Three die after inhaling toxic smoke from brazier

Three local tourists allegedly died in their sleep in Dete, Matabeleland North after suffocating from a brazier they lit to warm themselves in a tent at night.

They were staying at Miombo Safaris.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the death of Sean Chinemushonga (18), Nyasha Tore (19) and Witness Ashley (22) who died while sleeping in a canvass tent in Dete.

The incident happened on Sunday.

“Police in Matabeleland North province are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death.

“It is suspected that they might have suffocated because of carbon monoxide since they had used a brazier for warmth overnight,” said Insp Banda.

He said on Sunday, the trio retired to bed in a canvas tent at Hwange Horse Back Safari, Miombo, Dete.

Police said in the early hours of Monday, one of the trio woke up and took a brazier which they placed inside the tent for warmth.

The tent was not ventilated, police said.

A colleague of the trio who checked in the morning discovered the dead bodies.

“He opened the tent and observed that the three were not showing any signs of life,” added Insp Banda.

Police attended the scene and no injuries were observed. 

The bodies were taken to Hwange Colliery Hospital Mortuary waiting for post-mortem.

Police have appealed to members of the public to ensure that they have enough ventilation in the room whenever they are using braziers for warmth especially overnight.

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