Three boys severely burnt after stepping on hot ash

Three young boys suffered severe burns, Friday, after falling into a dumpsite containing hot waste material disposed by cement maker, Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) at its Colleen Bawn plant.

PPC dispatched its industrial safety and occupational health personnel to assist the injured lads.

The injured boys, aged 11, 12, and 14, were taken to Mater Dei hospital in Bulawayo and are currently receiving treatment for their injuries.

PPC Head of Operations and Projects, Dr Mavellas Sibanda told CITE that the company regretted the incident and has been in touch with their families to provide all the necessary support.

“PPC Zimbabwe Limited (‘the company’ or ‘PPC Zimbabwe’) regrets to advise of the injury of three non-employees at Colleen Bawn (“the injured persons”). The incident occurred  around 1700hrs on Friday, January 13, 2023, he said at an industrial dumpsite on the Western side of the Colleen Bawn Plant, which the company operates,” said the head of operations.

According to Dr Sibanda, preliminary investigations show that two of the boys fell into the dumpsite by accident and suffered serious burns.

“Two of the injured persons, accidently jumped into the dumpsite thereby sustaining burns from some of the materials in the dumpsite which were still hot. The third injured person sustained burns on the arms whilst trying to assist the other two injured persons,” Dr Sibanda  said.

The head of operations noted the company’s emergency protocols were immediately engaged following the incident by its industrial safety and occupational health personnel.

“The company has assisted with all medical support required. According to the report from the doctors attending the injured persons, we are informed that injured persons are in a stable condition,” Dr Sibanda said.

PPC has been in touch with the families of the injured persons and is providing all the necessary support.

“This incident has been reported to the Regulatory Authorities,” added Dr Sibanda and in compliance with the company’s protocols , investigations into the incident have been instigated.

“PPC Zimbabwe regrets this incident and wishes the injured boys a quick recovery.”

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