Thousands of job seekers turn up for Egodini Mall project

Thousands of job seekers from Bulawayo, Monday, turned up at the Egodini Mall site to register for employment ahead of the start of the project.

The $60 million state of the art mall is a joint venture between Bulawayo City Council (BCC) and Tearracotta Private Limited, a South African civil engineering firm and South African construction company, Liviero Group.

The registration process comes after the commissioning of the contact center on Friday which will act as the employment and information center for the project.

Those who will qualify will have their details entered into a database and will be employed as and when job opportunities become available.

The project is expected to be completed at the end of next year.

When CITE visited the center on Monday morning, thousands of people were already milling around waiting for the registration process to begin.

Some of those who spoke to this publication said they slept outside the center so that they will be one of the first people to be served.

“We were here by 9pm yesterday and we are hoping we will be one of the first people to be attended to,” said one job seeker.

Due to the overwhelming numbers, police details with dogs and some on horseback where deployed to the site to maintain peace and order.

Police details keeping a watchful eye on the crowd

Some enterprising individuals took advantage of the desperation of other job seekers to sell registration forms for 50 cents per copy.

Applicants will use the registration form to provide full names, street address, suburb and mobile number and information of their next of kin.

They will also be expected to provide copies of education or professional certificates.

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