Temperatures to drop, MSD predicts light rains

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) says temperatures are expected to get cooler by Saturday as moisture continues to drift into the northern parts of the country namely Matabeleland North, Northern Districts of the Midlands and all Mashonaland Provinces.

High heatwave temperatures have been experienced in most parts of the country over the past few days.

In a statement, the department said areas such as Matabeleland North and Mashonaland had already received light rains as of yesterday.

“Generally light showers have already occurred over Matabeleland North and Mashonaland West, with Hwange and Kariba having respectively received 9mm and 4 mm,” read the statement.

The department said thundershowers are expected in most areas as of today.

“On Friday, all areas should be mostly sunny and hot with brief cloudy periods that may be coupled with thundershowers in place. However, towards evening a cooling South Easterly breeze is expected to start attenuating the heat over the South -Eastern provinces of Masvingo, Matabeleland South and Manicaland”.


MSD also warned of lighting strikes especially those working out in the fields.

“Such thundery phenomenon is usually superseded by lightning. This poses a potential threat to persons in an open field as well as tallest objects such as trees and poles. Household electrical gadgets are also not spared.

The department also warned the public to seek shelter in a house or structure in the event of strong winds.

“In the event of strong winds make an effort to seek shelter in a house or structure that can withstand strong winds.  Noting that isolated sheds are not as safe as they are also prone to lightning strikes.

“Gusts of wind pose a danger of unsecured rooftops being blown off. Children need to be kept indoors when’s thunderstorm approaches or when there is strong winds as they are at risk of lighting or flying objects such as blown off roof sheets,” said the department.

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