TelOne employees accuse management of violating Covid-19 regulations

TELONE employees have accused their management of violating Covid-19 regulations after the state-owned telecommunications company recorded positive cases at one of its offices in Bulawayo.

An employee who spoke to CITE on condition of anonymity claimed that at least 18 members of staff tested positive to the virus.

The worker further alleged that the management ignored their requests to have the premises shut down and fumigated.  

“We fear for our health. The norm is that when such cases occur people have to self isolate for some days to monitor if they contracted the virus or not. Our management has ignored this protocol, leaving us at risk of contracting this virus,” the employee said.

TelOne Corporate Communications Manager Melody Harry dismissed the allegations citing that the company strictly follows Covid-19 regulations whenever they encounter such cases.

She explained that in the past week two members of staff tested positive and all necessary procedures were followed, including fumigation of the premises.

“It is unfortunate that a member of staff would make such serious allegations. TelOne strictly adheres to Covid-19 regulations in order to keep everyone safe,” said Harry.

“Thus past week we had two cases and all the necessary procedures were followed. We (TelOne) contracted a reputable company to disinfect our premises whenever the need arises.”

Harry added, “Covid-19 has been with us for over a year now, there is no need for companies to keep such serious information as a secret. We value the health and safety of our staff members hence the company always ensures that things are done the proper way.”

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