Teachers demand US$671 salary

Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) has tabled fresh salary demands to the government pushing for a wage increase of US$671 up from the US$540 they demanded last year.

This comes as a meeting between the government and civil servant unions scheduled for Wednesday failed to take place.

In its position paper, the association cited that the USD $540 pre-October 2018 salary paid to civil servants has been eroded by inflation and therefore has become an irrelevant reference point.

“Our demands are adequately informed by empirical evidence which includes. The United Nations’ poverty datum line for a family of five is USD $300. The Zimbabwean government salary review for lowest paid teacher at D1 grade was initially raised to USD $235, which disappointingly was eroded by inflation, wiping out any gains towards the USD $540 reference point then,” read the position paper.

“ZIMTA, therefore, demands that the lowest grade civil servant be paid USD 671 gross salary. Or that, alternatively, that all workers at least be paid fifty percent (50%) of the improved salary in USD, with the balance paid in ZWL. Or alternatively that all civil servants be paid their improved salary in USD every quarter.”

The teacher representative association noted that developments in the economy have raised legitimate expectations that the 2022 review will exceed the 2021 award and improve civil servants earnings and educators in particular.

“We recognise and acknowledge the payment of 2021 bonus in USD. The payment was an anecdote to continued USD bonus in 2022 and a precursor to a blended salary policy, which take into effect USD and ZWL as trading currencies in Zimbabwe,” the paper read.

“We are however perturbed by the decimation of the salaries and allowances for the Zimbabwean Teachers in particular, and Civil Servants in general. We take into account the “inflation tax” that has diminished the incomes of Civil Servants since the consummation of the ZWL denominated salaries in October 2018.”

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