Teacher appeals for assistance

A 58-year-old primary school teacher from Sigonde in Insuza District is appealing for financial assistance to enable him to undergo surgery to remove a tumour in his stomach.

Mandlenkosi Moyo is currently admitted to Mpilo Hospital and is in a critical but stable condition.

He needs US$3500 to undergo the surgery in Harare.

His young brother Albert Moyo told CITE that Mandlenkosi started complaining of stomach pains in April.

“His problem started with him complaining of stomach pains, after that he developed jaundice and he was taken for a scan but they couldn’t figure out his problem, the Doctor said an operation will be needed,” said Moyo.

“The doctors later conducted a Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scan; thus, when it was realized that there was a blockage. The doctors are saying he developed a tumour from the valve in the pancreas, it blocks all tubes from the bile and the liver, making it hard for the stomach to fully function.”

Moyo said his brother has to undergo an operation and as a family, they are struggling to raise the funds.

“The doctor said he has to undergo two optional operations. In the first surgery, they can either cut some tubes from the liver and in the stomach, so that they can remove the tumour. The other option is to put a tube where the tumour is located and this is the operation which can be performed in Harare,” he said.

“As a family, we are struggling to raise the funds.”

Moyo said his brother’s condition is deteriorating by the day.

Those willing to assist Mandlenkosi Moyo can get in touch with him on 0779 615 909 or contact his family on 0772 987 291.

Donations can also be sent through a CBZ bank account number 64660331720010, JMN Branch, Bulawayo

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