Take ownership of the city: Mayor urges Byo residents

Bulawayo Mayor, Solomon Mguni, has urged residents to take ownership of the city while contributing to its development and growth.

The country’s second-largest city is this week celebrating 128 years of existence with the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) having lined up activities to commemorate the Bulawayo Day and Arts Festival Week.

On the 1st of June 1894, the city of Bulawayo was established as a town while the local authority declared the same day as the Bulawayo Day in October 2019 marking annual commemorations.

Speaking to the Global Foundation of Public Speaking on the significance of the Bulawayo Day Wednesday the mayor challenged residents to have a sense of owning the city.

“We would love to see increased ownership of the city, stakeholders being custodians and stewards of the city’s infrastructure and the environment,” said Mguni.

“We want people to take ownership of this city. The development of the City is a culmination of partnerships that exist and started long back between the city and the people. Let us continue to be peaceful, loving citizens so that even investors are drawn to Bulawayo.”

He said residents should also preserve and take care of what the city has managed to build and acquire over the years so that Bulawayo progresses and develops further as a city.

“We would also want to see partnerships in governance where the people of Bulawayo participate in programmes that are planned by Council, as well as a financial partnership where we are able to pay our rates,” he said.

“Good environmental stewardship is key to sustainability and we ask that our residents continue to be ambassadors for the city. I believe one of the attributes of the people of Bulawayo is the spirit of Ubuntu that they have within them. People of Bulawayo are resilient, tolerant, loving and loyal.”

He further said: “The people of Bulawayo treasure their identity and cultural heritage as well as the love for Bulawayo. We are known as a city of peace and I hope this spirit of unity will carry on. The city of Bulawayo is growing and making great strides in becoming a leading, smart and transformative city. We are embracing digital technologies and innovativeness to help us achieve our vision. I can say Bulawayo has a conducive environment for investment.”

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