Take 5 minutes to pray for Zimbabwe: ZCA

The Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA), a faith-based organisation promoting peace and justice in Zimbabwe has launched an online campaign called five minutes for Zimbabwe to encourage citizens to pray for the country ahead of the elections.

Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, a coalition of 22 human rights NGOs in Zimbabwe in their weekly monitoring report have raised alarm that the country’s pre-August poll period has been highly volatile characterised by violence and intimidation of the electorate.

In the aftermath of the 2018 elections, six people died and 35 others were injured by state security forces.

Speaking to CITE, ZCA director, Reverend Useni Sibanda said the prayer campaign is meant to promote peace and unity in the country.

“The Zimbabwe Christian Alliance has launched a prayer campaign called five minutes for Zimbabwe; we are just calling all Zimbabweans at exactly 1 o’clock to just pray for five minutes for our country,” said Rev Sibanda.

He called on all Christians across the globe to join the movement.

“Five minutes for Zimbabwe we are calling global Christians to pray for Zimbabwe especially our own Zimbabweans who are in the diaspora, in the country and outside they will just spend those five minutes whether you are at your workplace, school, or you are driving, with colleagues, or in a shopping mall, or just a township, or in rural areas doing other things, we are asking that Zimbabweans stop what you are doing for five minutes and just pray for the country,” said Sibanda.

 He said, so far, the campaign has received positive feedback on social media platforms. “This has been going on, on Twitter we have already many people retweeting and posting it, we have had many people praying and posting their pictures as their prayers as colleagues at different places as communities,” said Rev Sibanda.

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