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#Tag Quarterly Magazine 8th Edition

Welcome to the Eighth issue of #Tag, Quarterly Magazine

Welcome to the Eighth issue of #Tag, our quarterly supplement designed especially for young women interested in social, democratic, cultural and community issues. #Tag features stories written by young women from a project called We The Future. This project aims at training young women in media and digital skills.

We The Future is a project under the Center for Innovation and Technology. It offers young women an opportunity to nurture their digital skills as well as journalistic skills. It is important for young women to be able to tell their own stories and be able to tell the stories for other women. #Tag is a platform for story telling for women experiences in their communities.

The theme for our issue is “Tell your own story.” In this issue you will find real life stories about women that speak on culture, safe spaces and education.

l hope you will enjoy reading this month’s issue!!!

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