Stop electing ‘incompetent’ politicians, Byo residents warned

Xhosa Prince, Mcleod Isolengwe Tshawe of Mbembesi has advised Bulawayo residents to choose their political leaders wisely amid an outcry over the performance and conduct of some of the elected councillors.

His remarks come after complaints from residents that Bulawayo city councillors were underperforming when it came to service delivery, with allegations of corruption taking place within the MDC run city council.

Their complaints intensified after a failed attempt by some councillors led by former deputy mayor and Councillor Tinashe Kambarami to oust Town Clerk Christopher Dube over corruption allegations.

But, Prince Tshawe said the city council woes must come as a lesson to Bulawayo residents to choose leaders who have the city at heart.

Using an analogy of a tenant and landlord, Prince Tshawe warned residents not to put outsiders referring to them as lodgers inside their houses, because when they did, they would take over the house.

“When you put them in your house, beware they will repossess your house. You must first know who they are, what they are about when they interact with you before you put them inside your house,” said the royal prince.

“I hope you understand what I am saying because you have been putting lodgers in your houses then tomorrow turn around and complain that they have taken over your household. Watch out, they can even take over your whole land.”

Prince Tshawe questioned why residents were not mindful of their electoral decisions as they had long term effects.

“Why do you do elect outsiders? I as a royal prince of the Xhosa don’t support your idea of us as Bulawayo residents taking lodgers and putting them in our houses and say these are the ones who will run the council. That’s nonsense. Stop doing that,” he said.

Xhosa Prince Mcleod Tshawe

Commenting on the performance of councillors, MDC National Spokesperson, Daniel Molokele, said the party would take a strong stance to recall its deployees who were failing to meet the electorates’ expectations.

“We have introduced performance scorecards, taken a step to make sure each of these deployees goes through a process of training and ideological development. They will sign some commitments in terms of their performance and we will regularly share updates in terms of their progress,” he said.

“Where we feel that our deployee has not done well, we will be able to recommend that they are recalled. If there is a need, we will make sure there is a by-election to replace one of our own who is not representing the social democratic values and principles of the MDC and we are very clear on that.”

Molokele urged residents of Bulawayo and other constituencies where MDC has deployees to use all civil platforms and party structures to report concerns about any councillor, mayor, senator or Member of Parliament who was underperforming.

“We are saying no to corruption and yes to service delivery. This is the way forward because we want a clear distinction between deployees of Zanu PF and MDC, which is not a corrupt movement. Bulawayo residents, through residents associations, civil society and the party structures must feel free to report anyone failing to perform to expectation. We are taking a very strong stance and prepared to have by-election once we recall one of our deployees,” claimed the MDC national spokesperson.

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