Stay at home, Gwanda residents urged

Gwanda Residents Association has implored residents in the mineral-rich town to religiously adhere to prevention measures set by the government against the spread of Coronavirus (COVID19).

Zimbabwe is in its third week of a 21-day national lockdown which started on March 30.

The lockdown, which is also ongoing in other countries across the world, was a measure effected by the government to limit movement of people so as to curb the spread of the pandemic.

To date Zimbabwe has recorded 14 COVID19 cases and 3 deaths due to the virus.

Secretary-General of the Gwanda Residents Association, Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo, encouraged residents to practice social distancing and adhere to the lockdown regulations.

This comes at a time when there has been a rise in malaria cases in the district sending residents into panic, with some linking the outbreak to COVID-19.

Fuzwayo urged residents to play an active role in the fight against the pandemic.

“The world is currently locked in a very dire situation under the scourge of the coronavirus. Gwanda cannot by any reason be exempted from this. We are equally affected and have the same risk as the entire world. In this regard, we join our national and local apparatus to call on everyone to begin to take Coronavirus seriously and join the global fight to end its spread,” said Fuzwayo.

“May you diligently adhere to all the ongoing processes to fight against this disease. The national lockdown programme is not a punishment process neither is it a holiday season. It is time for all of us to focus and stand with the whole world in agreement to save the human race.”

Maduma said while the need to go outdoors for groceries or hospital visits may arise, the recommendation is that one person from the household be tasked and they exercise extreme caution.

He warned the residents to desist from circulating false information about the virus, stating that such conduct may result in one being thrown into prison.

“Government has set up specific and qualified structures to do all information dissemination and it is paramount that we all give the structures a chance to guide us correctly and accordingly,” he said.

“Statutes that specifically make the illegal circulation of such incorrect information have been gazetted by the state and it will be unpleasant to all of us if one of our own is found wanting in the regard.”

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