Speeding Bakers Inn truck rams into precast wall

A speeding Bakers Inn vehicle rammed into a precast wall in Nguboyenja suburb while the driver and passengers escaped with minor injuries.  

Bulawayo Police Spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and said investigations are in progress.

“The driver is Artwell Musapenda aged 28, it was around 22:45 hours on 11 September where he was driving a Bakers inn vehicle along Luveve road,” said Inspector Ncube.

“When he got near Happy Valley beer garden in Nguboyenja, he lost control of the vehicle which reared off to the right of the road and crossed the centre pavement. It went on to crush into a precast wall at house number 526 Nguboyenja”.

Inspector Ncube said Musapenda is facing charges of negligent driving.

He urged drivers to exercise caution when driving along the road.

“A Motor vehicle is dangerous it is capable of killing a number of people once, so drivers should exercise due care when on the road,” he said.

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