Special courts for machete gangs

The Judiciary Services Commission (JSC) has set up special courts to specifically try cases of ‘machete gangs’ in all affected areas across the country as means of delivering justice to the people, an official has announced.

Giving her keynote address at the official opening of the 2020 legal year at the Bulawayo High Court, Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Chiedza Gwaunza, noted that the JSC is concerned with the spate of crime committed by the machete-wielding gangs.

Dep CJ Gwaunza said the judiciary acknowledges the work being done by law enforcement agencies to bring these culprits to book.

She urged courts to demonstrate to the public that they have the capacity to enforce the law and punish crime.

“As we speak, the country is gripped by another spate of violence perpetrated by the so called machete gangs. The Judiciary acknowledges the work being undertaken by law enforcement agencies in bringing perpetrators of that wave of violence to book,” she said.

Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza

“The Courts stand ready to decisively deal with those accused of these offences in accordance with the law. Special courts to specifically try the cases have been set up in all affected areas across the country.”

The deputy chief justice called upon stakeholders in the administration of justice to make concerted efforts to end this issue.

“Institutions mandated to protect citizens cannot sit back and watch a few rogue elements terrorise the entire nation for their selfish benefits. We hear stories of callous murders of ordinary Zimbabweans and law enforcement agents,” said Dep CJ Gwaunza.

She added that the behavior of the terror gangs is hugely inhibiting fellow citizens from enjoying their freedom of movement and carrying on with their businesses.

“Citizen’s rights of freedom of movement, freedom to conduct their affairs without fear and freedom of association are being violated with impunity by the gangsters. The organised terror gangs have the potential to create anarchy if they are not quickly neutralized,” she said.

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