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Social Media Market Share On Mobile Phones in Zimbabwe

Facebook continues to rule the roost as the most popular social media platform in Zimbabwe. Despite its popularity, Whatsapp, is not classified as a social media platform instead is a private messaging platform.

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According to Global Stats Counter, Facebook commands a market share of 55 percent in Zimbabwe. In a country where there are over 6 million active internet users, most people spend their time on Facebook.

The active internet penetration rate increased by 1.3 percent to reach 52.1 percent in the first
quarter of 2018 from 50.8 percent recorded in the last quarter of 2017 following a 3.6 percent
increase in active internet subscriptions.

Despite the rather low internet penetration rate in the country, mobile penetration in Zimbabwe for the year 2017 stood at 102.7%, meaning that there are more mobile phones than people.

With over are almost 8 million Facebook users in Zimbabwe, there is a wealth of audiences with different interests which you can target with your brand.

Brands that create content with no strategic purpose will fall behind the competition. Brands need to understand their audience and direct the conversations to the specific target groups.

Your audience is not where you want them to be, they’re where they want to be. Planning content and content strategy will increase the bond with your consumer as they buy emotionally into your brand.

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