Sanitary pad drive to restore Binga girls` menstrual dignity

A local charity organisation has launched a pad drive campaign to provide 5000 sanitary products to less privileged girls in Binga.

Noble Hands Zimbabwe is a private voluntary organisation that operates under the Scripture Union.

Speaking to CITE, Noble Hands public relations officer Nhlanhla Ndhlovu said this initiative is meant to provide sanitary products to rural girls who are forced to use pieces of cloths or indecent materials during their menstrual cycle.

“We are running a project for the girl child in rural areas whereby we want to donate sanitary pads to them because there are some instances where they expose themselves to infections due to lack of proper sanitary products and end up improvising by using indecent materials,” said Ndhlovu.

He added that the initiative is meant to restore the dignity of the girl child and they are targeting Binga before expanding to other areas.  

Ndlovu appealed to well-wishers to assist them by donating towards the project.

“We are looking for well-wishers who can partner with us so that we manage to run the initiative,” the PR officer said.

Meanwhile, the organisation is also running another project to provide people living in the streets with warm clothing.

“We have another program running as well we are donating warm clothes to people living in the streets and we are still receiving donations from people in the form of jerseys, blankets and jackets,” he said.

“Last week we distributed face masks, food hampers to people living on the streets in Bulawayo and we also educated them on COVID-19.”

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