Sangoma’s homestead set ablaze in dispute with clients

Three people torched a homestead belonging to a 73-year-old Madlambudzi traditional healer cum prophet in Plumtree for allegedly refusing to attend to their sick relative.

The three people reportedly travelled from South Africa to consult Paulos Ngwenya who is also a prophet at a local Zion Church but he turned them down leading to them burning down his homestead.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the incident and said they are investigating a case of malicious damage to property.

“The three suspects approached Paulos Ngwenya seeking divine intervention for their sick relative since he is said to be a prophet, however, he turned them down as he said he was not feeling well, this did not go down with them as they set the homestead on fire,” said Inspector Mangena.

However, villagers who spoke to CITE said Ngwenya had many enemies in the area due to his alleged nefarious activities.

“As villagers in Madlambudzi we are tired of this man, he has killed people because he wants power and positions, he takes every position that is available, he was the village guard, the senior village head and if anybody is competing for that same position, they have to die,” one villager claimed.

Another villager accused the septuagenarian of being a womaniser.

“He used to engage in immoral relationships with women whose husbands are based in South Africa, he also had affairs even with children, his current wife is his stepdaughter,” the villager claimed.

“When people consulted traditional healers to make those who had wronged them pay, he would go behind their back and engage that family to undo the curse and then make them pay in the form of either cows or goats.”

Contacted for a comment, Chief Madlambuzi also confirmed the incident.

“From my perspective, it seems these people are fighting, they once approached Ngwenya and had some misunderstandings. It looks like the villagers who are now based in South Africa bought some people to come here and burn Ngwenya’s homestead,” said Chief Madlambudzi.

He said the suspects were speaking IsiXhosa, “so I don’t know whether they were deceiving people or what.”

Inspector Mangena also appealed to anyone with information on the identity of the suspects to approach the nearest police station.

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