Roil BAAs put Byo on the map

United Refineries’ Chief Executive Officer Busisa Moyo has expressed satisfaction on the impact the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAA) have made on the Bulawayo arts industry.

He described the experience as an exciting long journey which is far from being over.

Moyo made these remarks at an appreciation dinner which was held as build up to the main event set for Saturday, June 29 at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair hall 4.

Nominees were awarded certificates of merit in the various categories in which they are nominated.

 “I want to encourage us all here to support disruptive combinations. Industry and arts do not normally come together but here we have seen the birth of something beautiful. In the future we need more productive disruptive combinations,” said Moyo.

He encouraged sponsors, supporters and artists to value collaborations and share ideas.

“Always journey together with the rest of the people. Share ideas for greater results. When we started partnering with the arts industry, we never imagined there would be such great impact created,” he noted.

“It has now become one of the greatest events in the city. This is but just one chapter of the journey, greater things are yet to come. The journey is very long and very exciting,” said Moyo.

One of the organisers of the awards, Raisedon Baya, urged artists to be disciplined and professional in their conduct.

He advised them there would be a time when they can no longer be on stage to perform but would need to work from behind the scenes to promote the industry.

“Dress well and be courteous when you enter people’s offices, do not be rude when you talk to them. Always show respect,” advised Baya.

“As the organisers, we are not just dreaming for ourselves, we are dreaming for the whole sector and for every artist out there. These awards are just an umbrella where we have put everyone under the art’s sector. We need to support each other for us to grow bigger,” he said.

Stella Nkomo, ZITF Company marketing and public relations manager, applauded the contribution of the arts sector to society.

“Arts people are important because they give us a platform to express all forms of emotions that we may be going through, joy at weddings, sorrow at funerals and excitement at various events,” said Nkomo.

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