Robbery and rape cases spike in Byo, police finger pirate taxis

By Lungile Ngwenya

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned the public to be wary of pirate taxis as they have recorded a number rape and robbery cases that are committed by drivers plying various routes across the city.

Presenting at a Gender based Violence meeting, Friday June 7, Assistant Inspector Axcilia Sibanda of the ZRP Victim Friendly Unit said several cases of rape have been reported happening in pirated Honda fits. 

“We have received several cases emanating from women reporting they have been raped inside Honda Fit vehicles,” said Assistant Insp. Sibanda.

She said most of these cases where women are raped in pirated Honda fits will be people they do not know.

“Most rape cases are done by strangers or drivers of these pirated Honda fits in areas like Richmond,” said Assistant Insp Sibanda.

She encouraged women to board cars they know and use public transport.

“As the ZRP we urge women to use public registered motor vehicles or board private cars that they know the driver so as to reduce chances of them being raped,” said Assistant Insp. Sibanda.

The Inspector pointed out that a number of cases have been reported to be happening at a bush near the United College of Education (UCE).

“A lot of people use the bush as a shortcut and I don’t know why, that bush is a dangerous area and people should avoid going there,” said Assistant Insp Sibanda.

She said couples should avoid going to the bush close to UCE for picnics as they become easy targets to rapists and robbers.

“People like to go for picnics at that bush this results in the man being robbed and the woman being raped,”said Assistant Insp Sibanda.

“Couples should go on dates in public places where they won’t be in harms way.”

The Assistant Inspector also urged the public to speak out on cases of violence or abuse happening within their community.

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