Residents take MP to task over CDF

Mpopoma residents, Saturday, took to task their parliamentary representative, Charles Moyo, demanding proof of the amounts spent on development projects under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Moyo was at pains to explain how he has utilised some of the funds during a heated constituency feedback meeting organised by the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) held at Mpopoma Hall.

When the meeting started, Moyo focused on other issues, ignoring the CDF matter which was the main agenda of the day. 

This, however, attracted fury from some residents who clearly pointed to the MP that they had come to get an update on the CDF expenditure.

Immediately after that Moyo was forced to quickly get into the CDF issue but residents remained unconvinced citing that all they needed were receipts to show how the money was spent.

“As residents, we want to receipts so that we can trace how the money has been spent,” the residents pressed.

At some point, the meeting could have easily gotten out of hand as the MP exchanged words with one of the residents who challenged his leadership style.

“Listen, Mr Honourable, we are the ones who elected you in that position so you should listen to us not the other way round,” the resident challenged him.

Moyo retorted: “You should speak through the chairman rather than interjecting me when I am talking because as it is I might as well close the meeting because there is no longer a meeting if everyone can be doing what you are doing.”

However, it was not long before some residents in their contribution seriously took exception to the MP’s reaction to issues raised by residents.

“Honourable, we elected you to represent us, so we kindly appeal to you that you set aside emotions because as it is, what you don’t want to respond to, is exactly what is affecting them, so let me feel free to pour out their hearts than challenging them, we are not here to fight but to sort out our problems as a constituency,” said one lady.

However, in his reaction, Moyo refused to provide the receipts of how the CDF was used, instead indicating that it was the duty of the parliamentary committee to audit the project.

Mpopoma-Pelandaba MP Charles Moyo

“The $2 million and $11 million allocation we have used it fix our community grounds, Ndola Stadium, Phelandaba stadium, Bumf stadium. We have not used all the funds but you can see that there is progress. Turning to solar lights that we put in ward 13 near the fire station as well as along Msiteli road. Of course, there can be complaints but it’s always like that when work has been done,” Moyo said.

Mpopoma-Pelandaba MP Charles Moyo

“There are some who will say MP you did well, then there will be some who will say MP you could have done it this way, then there will be a bracket of those who will say we don’t like the MP, so he did nothing.” 

The MP further explained: “There is a committee from Parliament who will come to see how we have spent the money, after that they will demand all the receipts and all the quotations, we give them. So in 2018 for that $50 000 there is no problem because the audit was carried out. In 2019 and 2020, they did the same and came on the ground we gave them the bank statement. It’s only on the latest project where we have been using the 13 million where they haven’t come to audit us.”

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