Residents call for transparency in food aid distribution

By Senzeni Ncube

Residents in Nkulumane have called for transparency in the distribution of food aid in the constituency saying some people are being sidelined because of their political affiliation.

The government distributes food aid to vulnerable people in urban areas through the department of social welfare.

Speaking during a recent social audit meeting focusing on Constituency Development Funds (CDF) held in the suburb, residents said food aid from the government was only allocated to those who are aligned to the ruling party, Zanu PF.

This comes at a time when the government has announced plans to provide food relief to vulnerable citizens.

A resident, Sitshengisiwe Mathe said it was worrying that food is allocated on partisan lines.

“We are now experiencing a situation where food such as maize and rice is given to specific members of a certain political party, and when you ask the food distributors they tell you about joining their political party structures, what about those who do not belong to that party,” said Mathe.

Another resident Pauline Mujanganja weighed in saying it was worrying how the food aid was being diverted to undeserving people.

“You find one family having three representatives, what about some people who also need food since the country is facing economic hardships,” she said.

Speaking during the same meeting, Ward 22 councillor Rodney Jele said it is everyone’s responsibility to be accountable and transparent in the constituency if it is to develop.

Administrative Assistant in the office of Member of Parliament for Nkulumane Constituency, Thulani Mpofu said it was worrying that some people still majored in politics when it comes to food distribution.

“It is worrying that people still major in politics when it comes to food distribution in the constituency. The MP of this constituency (Kucaca Phulu) does not focus on individuals in this constituency but deals with grievances that affect the constituency,” Mpofu said.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), about 5.3 million Zimbabweans are food insecure.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) January report indicated that about 37 percent of the urban population will be food insecure between January and March this year.


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