Recalled MPs yet to return to Parliament

Six MDC Alliance Members of Parliament (MPs), whose recall by their former party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), was recently nullified by the High Court are yet to return to the National Assembly.

The MPs recalled last month and set to return to the august House following the landmark ruling are Tendai Biti (Harare East), Mbizo MP, Settlement Chikwinya, Willias Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Kucaca Phulu (Nkulumane), Regai Tsunga (Mutasa South), and Sichelesile Mahlangu (Pumula).

The High Court nullified their recall after ruling that the act, initiated by one Benjamin Rukanda, was illegal since he was not the bonafide secretary-general of that party.

CITE reached out to some of the legislators who said they would be soon joining other lawmakers in Parliament.

“Since the High Court nullified our recalls, we were supposed to return to Parliament on Tuesday,” Mahlangu told CITE.

“However, we delayed collecting our court order. We only collected our court order yesterday (Tuesday). As we speak right now we are on our way to Parliament.  We do not know what we will meet there.”

Phulu said while he did not travel to Harare Wednesday, he was confident he would be returning to take his seat in Parliament.

“I have not returned yet and I don’t know there in Harare what could have transpired, however, we will return,” he told CITE.

Chikwinya said he also did not travel to Harare, adding he was in the rural areas.

However, Jacob Mafume of the MDC Alliance told CITE, the Clerk of Parliament was attending to the issue of the legislators in question.

“They (MPs) are already deemed to have returned to Parliament,” said Mafume.

“The Clerk of Parliament said he wants to deal with a few issues. The judgement is very clear. It’s a final judgement that says any action is null and void.”

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