RBZ freezes bank accounts for 4 companies for money laundering

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has directed banks to freeze accounts belonging to Transerv, Electrosales, Halsteds Brothers and Enbee Store on allegations of money laundering.

In a letter seen by CITE, the FIU notified banks that it had “noted unusual activity” on the accounts belonging to the four companies.

“As we carry out further investigations on possible money laundering relating to the funds, you are directed to freeze the account with immediate effect and you shall not process any withdrawals or transfers from the accounts, unless with specific approval of the Unit. You should, however, allow deposits or other flows into the account,” read the letter.

“You shall immediately report to the Unit any deposit or other inflow into the account as well as any attempted withdrawal or transfer from the account.

The FIU has been going after individuals and companies accused of manipulating the exchange rates.

Last week a Chinese restaurant, Shangri-La was fined US$30 000 fine for pegging prices using the parallel exchange rate.

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