Qoki Zindlovukazi threatens legal action against ZimEye

Qoki Zindlovukazi founder Sithule Tshuma and her legal representatives from Ncube and Partners Legal Practitioners have threatened legal action against an online publication, ZimEye, for allegedly publishing false information. 

The website ran stories in which it accused Tshuma and her lawyer, Zibusiso Ncube of defrauding people through property sales and that an inquiry had been launched by the Law Society of Zimbabwe to look into the matter. 

In a letter seen by CITE, the law firm states that legal action shall be taken against the publication for allegedly peddling falsehoods, citing that neither the firm nor Tshuma is aware of any investigations by the Law Society. 

“We refer to two articles published by a purported online publication, ZimEye on the 12th and 14th instant. The first publication is titled “SITHULE FRAUD: Law Society Inquiry As Qoki Own Founder says, “I Told My Own Sister Don’t Buy This Kind Of Land.” The second publication is titled, “Sithule’s own lawyer confirms she is fraudulent.”, the letter read. 

“Both these articles are as malicious as they are false. It is evident that they are an unfortunate, unfounded and baseless attack on our Mr Z. C. Ncube and our clients Sithule Tshuma and Qoki Zindlovukazi Investments (Pvt)Ltd. We are studying the articles and considering legal options available to our Mr. Ncube and our clients.” 

The letter further stated that appropriate legal action shall soon be taken against the peddlers of the falsehoods and malicious attacks evidently designed to besmirch the good names of those being attacked and derail the many good projects done in the region. 

“It is imperative to highlight even at this stage that we are not aware of any investigation by the Law Society in respect of the transactions mentioned in the articles. We endeavour to keep you posted on any developments.”

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  1. Thank you CITE for being such an informative source of news, especially for our region. May I point out, however, that you could have dug dipper on this story and possibly put it to rest forever.
    Instead of reporting on heresay (he said, she said, they said…) you could have contacted the Law Society and verified if the ZimEye claim has any merit.
    Or even interviewed ZimEye themselves so they can state where they got their story. That way you would have given a balanced report.

    Once more, thank you for being a publication we can rely on

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