Pumula South stand owners angry over US$2,168 extra fee

By Ndumiso Tshuma

Beneficiaries of Pumula South Phase 2 housing stands have raised concerns regarding the Bulawayo City Council’s (BCC) demand for an additional US$2,168 to service the stands.

The stands were purchased in full in 2018 and have yet to be handed over to the beneficiaries. A meeting to discuss the way forward was held on Friday at Old Pumula Hall, attended by council officials and some beneficiaries.

“The US$2,168 top-up is for installing water and electricity. Once 60% is paid, stand servicing will begin, and beneficiaries will receive the agreement of sale,” council officials explained.

However, the beneficiaries consider the amount too high since they already paid for the stands in full.

“I disagree with the US$2,168 top-up as I already paid US$6,100 for my stand,” said Bukhosi Khumalo. “I haven’t received a copy of the agreement of sale, and there’s no guarantee they won’t ask for more after this payment.”

Another beneficiary echoed the need for assurances from the local authority regarding future payments.

The chairperson of the Pumula Phase 2 housing project beneficiaries, Jeremiah Takavarasha, acknowledged the need for compromise to access their stands.

“We’ve been fighting for our Pumula South Phase 2 stands since 2018. In the last meeting in May, we proposed paying US$1,250 each for water, with the council covering sewage pumps. They responded that they lacked funds, leading to the proposed US$2,168 figure,” Takavarasha explained.

“Initially unwilling to pay anything, we are now compromising. Council has assured us that paying this amount will grant us the agreement of sale and new offer letters.”

An agreement was also reached for payments to begin at the end of April.

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