Pumula MP designate promises to work with everyone

Pumula Member of Parliament (MP) designate, Sichelesile Mahlangu, who won Saturday’s by-election in the constituency says she is happy about her recent victory and will work with everyone in the development of the area.

Mahlangu, who had been recalled by the PDP in March 2021, accusing her of shifting allegiance to now CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa garnered 3 092 votes trailed by Pumulani Nsingo of ZANU-PF with 1 212 votes while Albert Mhlanga of MDC Alliance only received 110 votes.

In an interview with CITE, Monday, Mahlangu said she was happy that Pumula now has a representation in Parliament, adding it was not an easy race contesting against six men.

“To be honest with you, a by-election is not easy because you won’t even be prepared worse as a woman versus men, there are a lot of things that happen,” said Mahlangu.

“There will be threats here and there but all in all since we will be in a race sometimes it all needs courage and for you, as an individual to know what you want and how you get there.  To me it wasn’t that easy like 2018 but I managed to sail through because of the teaching I got from women’s organizations.”

She further said: “They (women’s organisations) taught us to be strong, brave and know yourself as an individual that whatever happens don’t give up, look ahead.”

Mahlangu said she needs the support of the residents as she resumes her office through their attendance of residents’ meetings.

“All I can say is that we will continue working with the people the same way we were working before. All I need from them is support through attending meetings,” she said.

She said losing candidates and those with different views should feel free to work with her in pushing the Pumula agenda.

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