Prophet Chiza foretold my release from prison: Sikhala

Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Job Sikhala claimed that a prophecy by Prophet Blessing Chiza that he would be released from remand prison in January had come true.

The former Zengeza West MP spent over 590 days in jail since his arrest on June 14, 2022. 

Sikhala and his wife were guests of Prophet Chiza at his Eagle Life Assembly in Bulawayo, where he openly testified that the prophecy was accurate.

Prophet Chiza had reportedly issued two prophecies regarding Sikhala: one in July 2020, asking people to pray for him, and another on December 31, 2023, predicting his release in January 2024.

These two prophecies were broadcast during Sunday’s church service.

“There is a reason why I travelled from Harare to Eagle Life Church. When I was in prison, some people brought me clips of prophecies from a prophet I didn’t know but was speaking about my situation in prison. I then asked friendly prison officers to play me the full prophecy because when you are in such a situation you need to know what the spiritual world is saying,” Sikhala said, noting that he was doubtful about the prophecy due to the “force of pessimism.”

“I asked myself if this prophet was speaking the truth and whether it would happen.”

Sikhala said his doubts about the prophecy increased when the court delivered a judgement that he was guilty of inciting public violence on January 24, 2024. 

“I asked myself why people had brought me that prophecy if not to increase my trauma,” he said not knowing that his acquittal would come on January 30, 2024.

“After I was convicted the situation was not in our control but the court called for mitigation on January 29, 2024, and I thought since January was coming to an end that prophecy message was to add to my trauma.”

However, Sikhala exclaimed “God then spoke on that prophecy on January 30, 2024” when he was released.

“I had lost hope that I was going to come out but the prophecy came to pass and I said the first church I will go to is to hunt for Prophet Chiza and go to Bulawayo.”

Prophet Chiza said he was not a politician and did not want people to misinterpret him or his acts in praying for Sikhala.

“I know Sikhala is from the opposition but I am not a politician and I don’t support any political party. Eagle Life is a supermarket, anyone can come in and buy goods and commodities from Heaven. Zanu PF is also free to come for prayers. I don’t belong to CCC or Zanu Ndonga. That’s why you won’t see me at a political rally and I don’t visit politician’s offices,” he said, adding that he also had prophesied that President Emmerson Mnangagwa would rise to power, a  report that was published on November 17, 2017 by the media.

Prophet Chiza went on to claim that he would not prophesy to Sikhala but would interpret the dreams he experienced while in prison.

“I will not speak about your future in front of people but you must know the Lord has directed me to pray because when looking at you in the spirit you are a genuine person. You are a man of boldness. You must continue praying for your life. It’s not violence, it’s courage and you are genuine in what you do. Sikhala doesn’t accept bribes and is not a corrupt man. That’s why he is still living in a small house in Chitungwiza,” he said.

Prophet Chiza claimed Sikhala had dreamed about the late Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, more than five times while in prison, “crying on his shoulders.”

Sikhala confirmed it, adding that Tsvangirai would be providing him with instructions.

“I am not a believer of dreams and I generally dismiss them but I want them to be interpreted for me,” Sikhala said.

Prophet Chiza said Sikhala had also dreamt about the late icon, Nelson Mandela.

“…You were instructed not to wear suits but to start wearing Mandela’s clothes,” he said, which Sikhala claimed was true.

The prophet said he was not prophesying but was interpreting Sikhala’s dreams because he did not want people to say he had prophesied.

“From today, stop wearing suits. Do what you were told. All the things in that dream, follow them.  You can wear the suits in courts or whatever but follow that dream. From that day, something came upon you and you don’t understand but when you are speaking you hear the voice of Nelson Mandela coming through you and now people are saying, ‘You are talking like Nelson Mandela,’” the prophet told Sikhala. 

Prophet Chiza said Sikhala was dreaming of Mandela as he had been jailed for a long time.

“Even those who are listening to him, can hear the spirit or voice of Mandela. These things can happen when a person has been incarcerated for a long time. Those types of dreams cannot just happen.”

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