PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe Praises Trump

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has described United States of America (USA) President Donald Trump’s victory and assumption of office as a gift to his administration.

Speaking at the sixth youth interface rally that his Zanu PF party hosted in Gwanda, Matabeleland South Saturday afternoon, Mugabe said Trump was a better “devil” as compared to the losing candidate in the election race, Hilary Clinton.

“Some people say a lot of things about this man, Donald trump, the new president of the United States (of America),” said Mugabe.

“Some say he just speaks what comes into his mind without actually digesting it. Others say he is crazy. Well, for me, I say if he is a mad man, he is a good or better mad man because he defeated this woman, Hilary Clinton who would have followed in the footsteps of Barack Obama who put sanctions against our people,” Mugabe said.

“For me, Trump did us a favour because he is not following on those footsteps. Hilary would have put the sanctions again because of her hatred of me as a president,” he added.

Mugabe maintained, for the umpteenth time, his administration had done all in its powers to ensure Zimbabweans had a better life- a statement that falls flat against accusations by his foes, mainly Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party and the entire civic society, that the nonagenarian leader’s administration has run down the national economy as well as diminished the country’s human rights record.

Said Mugabe: “We are children of God. He hears our prayers all the time we pray to him. Even on this one on Clinton, he heard our prayer not to have this worse woman win and eventually, Trump won the elections.

“These people should understand that we did nothing wrong to anyone. We simply took our land and that did not make some people happy and the British and Americans responded by placing our people under sanctions.”

The 93-year old Mugabe, one of the longest serving presidents in the history of the African continent, also chided what he called false prophets who have taken the nation by storm, warning they were all out to rip Zimbabweans of their hard-earned money.

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