Power outages: Byo residents likely to go for 4 days without water

Bulawayo residents are likely to go for four days without water due to the incessant power outages.

This comes after city officials announced that the Bulawayo City Council was failing to pump water due to load shedding.

Zimbabwe has been experiencing electricity shortages which has seen some areas go for about 15 hours a day without power.

Town Clerk, Christopher Dube, in a statement said the local authority was failing to pump water to its reservoirs due to electricity challenges.

“The City of Bulawayo would like to advise residents that there will be an emergency water shedding citywide on Sunday, June 30, from 7AM until the situation improves,” he said.

“This is due to challenges with the raw water pumping at Ncema Waterworks and Fernhill pump station due to power challenges. The city is currently working on raising the water levels in all reservoirs”.

The city already has a 48-hour water shedding schedule which has been in place since the beginning of the year.

The drought situation in the country has also affected the city which has already lost one of its supply days, Upper Ncema after it was decommissioned in June due to low water levels.

The city remains with 5 out of 6 dams (Lower Ncema, Umzingwane, Insiza, Mtshabezi, and Inyankuni) as available sources of surface water supply.

The remaining supply dams are 50,70 percent full.

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