Police officer found dead in bush

A police officer stationed at Makado Police Post in Beitbridge was on Saturday found dead in the bush, where he had gone to relieve himself, CITE has established. 

The body was found in a decomposing state, facing downwards, hands clutched to his chest and with the trousers lowered to knee level. 

A source who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity said the officer had for two weeks been complaining of abdominal pains. 

The source noted that the ablution facilities at the station are in a dire state and most members of staff no longer use it preferring to use the nearby bush.

“On October 29, Sgt Katsago knocked off from work around 2PM. He has been working at Makado Security Roadblock. When he got home he instructed his colleague’s son Kudzanai Mutasa, to charge his cellphone while he rushed to the bush to relieve himself. He told him he was having abdominal discomforts and a headache,” the source said. 

“On October 30 at around 6PM, Mutasa inquired the whereabouts Sgt Katsago from his colleague, one Cst Dewera who was manning the charge office. Cst Dewera said he had not seen him. Mutasa then explained to Cst Dewe that he had last seen Sgt Katsago the previous day when he had gone to relieve himself. The two then followed Sgt Katsago’s footprints which led them to his decomposing body.”

The source raised concern that there is need for ablution facilities at the station to be improved as most of the staff members use the bush to relieve themselves. 

“There is need for a better toilet at the police post as some officers there have resorted to using the bush for relieving themselves. Some of the members are currently using a nearby bush to relieve themselves and some use Ambassador Maboyi’s blair toilet which is far from other houses,” the source said. 

Efforts to get a comment from the National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi were fruitless as he was not answering his phone. 

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