Police officer detained for allegedly raping maid

A 34-year-old police officer in Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly raping his 16-year-old domestic worker at his house in Pumula suburb while his wife was away.

Allegations are that the officer, whose name has been withheld to protect the identity of the teenager, pounced on the teenage around midnight and raped her once.

According to a police statement seen by CITE at the time the offence occurred the officer’s wife had visited her rural home leaving the pair alone at the house.

The source said the teenage set out in the middle of the night after the attack to report the incident to the officer’s aunt who stays at a house nearby.

“On November 2, the officer left his house around 9 am and did not return until late in the evening. At around 8:30 pm the teenager went to bed and left the main door open for the officer to gain entrance on his return,” the statement read.

“At around 12midnight, the officer budged into the teenager’s bedroom and stripped her of all her blankets. She woke up with a startle, finding the officer standing by the bed-side completely naked.”

The statement continued: “The teen fled to the sitting room but the door leading outside was locked. The officer grabbed her by the shoulders, tore her panties and raped her once before he went back to his bedroom.”

“The teenager subsequently left the house and went to the officer’s aunt’s house where she narrated her ordeal. The officer’s aunt advised her to report the matter to the police”.

Police officers went to the house to carry out investigations and found the blankets strewn on the floor.

The officer was arrested and the victim was referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical assistance.

The officer is expected to appear in court this week.

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