Police clear MDC’s Agenda 2020 launch

By Albert Nxumalo

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has reportedly granted the opposition MDC, permission to launch its Agenda 2020 policy thrust, a week after they barred it.

The event, according to the MDC, is aimed at outlining to Zimbabweans and the world, the party’s programme of action for the year new year.

Last week, police refused to clear a planned MDC event that was set for Mbare in Harare citing concentration on the opening of schools.

Police also late on Friday evening raided MDC’s Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House in Harare ostensibly to search for machetes, accusing the party of sponsoring gangs that are wreaking havoc across the country.

The search warrant indicated police had reasonable suspicion that the machetes and unnamed subversive materials could be used to commit public violence.

Both actions prompted the MDC to claim they were treated as a terrorist organisation but vowed not to be intimidated.

However, the party’s rescheduled meeting look set to go ahead Tuesday.

“All roads lead to Stoddart Hall in Mbare in Harare tomorrow as the police have sanctioned the MDC’s Agenda 2020 programme that will be officially unveiled by the People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, ” said Luke Tamborinyoka, MDC Deputy national spokesperson.

“Tomorrow, President Chamisa will launch the party’s Agenda 2020 in which the MDC will spell out to Zimbabweans and the world the party’s programme of action for the year. ”

According to Tamborinyoka, Zimbabweans who are wallowing under a debilitating political and economic crisis and are looking up to the MDC’s competent leadership for direction must attend the address.

“Tomorrow, the party will provide direction by enunciating the party’s programme of the year when president Chamisa spells out how the party intends to address the multi-layered legitimacy and socio-economic crisis that has arrested the nation.

“Zimbabweans can barely survive; civil servants are suffering while villagers are facing imminent starvation with the clueless and illegitimate ZANU-PF government failing to provide solutions,”

Luke Tamborinyoka, MDC Deputy national spokesperson.

Zimbabwe is in a socio-economic crisis which is characterised by the weakening of local currency, foreign currency shortages, power outages and many other challenges.

But Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube is quite optimistic that Zimbabwe’s economy will grow by three percent, a massive swing after it shrunk by 6.5 percent last year.

Last year November, the security sector descended on MDC supporters who had gathered at the party’s headquarters in Harare where Chamisa was expected to give his Hope of the Nation Address.

Anti-riot police fired teargas and assaulted several party supporters when Chamisa failed to address his supporters.

Passers-by were also injured as police randomly assaulted people around the party’s headquarters.

Some businesses, including banks, were forced to close as police fired teargas to disperse people.

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