Police ‘block’ CCC Cowdray Park rally to pave way for Zanu PF

A Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rally scheduled for Sunday to drum up support for the party’s Cowdray Park candidates in the by-election has reportedly been cancelled to pave way for a Zanu PF rally.

The CCC leader Nelson Chamisa was expected to grace the rally.

The rally was expected to be held at a popular meeting point known as ‘eboosteni’.

The opposition party had notified the police on 28 November 2023 and the rally was expected to take place from 12 noon to 2pm.

However, on Saturday, Sibanda said the police notified them their rally has been cancelled to pave way for Zanu PF’s rally where the party’s vice president Constantino Chiwenga is expected to be in attendance.

“The Police have cancelled our by-election rally which was scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday). They have cancelled because Zanu PF has also scheduled their rally at the same venue,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, National police spokesperson, Paul Ngathi said he was not aware of the scheduled rally.

“As far as we are concerned here, we are not aware of the so called rally. As far as I am concerned , we don’t have any information at national level because these are the issues handled at local level or at district level and normally they are not obliged to inform us at national level when some of these things happen,” said Nyathi.

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