Police banned from purchasing mealie meal while in uniform

Police in Bulawayo have reportedly been banned from purchasing subsidised mealie meal while in uniform.

This comes after residents across the city accused police officers of hoarding the product.

Mealie meal shortages have reached worrying levels across the country, as residents are spending hours queuing to buy the staple.

According to a police memorandum dispatched by the Officer Commanding Bulawayo province to all police stations in the city, police officers were accused of disregarding police standard of discipline.

“This office observed with great concern the level of serious contempt and disregard of police standard of discipline in the central business district and various locations in Bulawayo STOP members are seen moving around carrying bags of mealie-meal in uniform,” read a memorandum signed by Officer Commanding Bulawayo addressed to all police stations in the city.

“Stop It is against this background that addressees CMM with immediate effect cease to purchase mealie-meal in police uniform”.  

Members in charge of the stations were ordered to compile the list of members under their command and forward the information to headquarters so that arrangements can be made for millers to deliver mealie meal at police stations.

The memo warned that police officers found carrying mealie meal while in uniform will be arrested.  

“Anyone who shall be seen loaded with mealie meal in their person whilst in police uniform will be arrested and disciplinary action taken.”

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube said he was not aware of the letter. 

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