Outcry over Solusi University fees hike

Solusi University international students are up in arms with the university`s management for increasing fees saying they have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The university reportedly increased fees for its international students by US$150.

Speaking to CITE, the students said the fee hike was unjustified.

“We are made to pay an extra US$150 which is said to be the international fee when tuition fee is US$350, so they mean to tell us the international fee is almost half tuition fee,” said one student.

“When you look at the breakdown of fees for last semester that figure was not factored in. So now when we are in our own countries using our data, we are charged an international fee”.

Another student added that many families have been affected by the global pandemic especially those who were in the informal sector.

“Many if not all families were affected by the pandemic in so many ways. Those in the informal sector lost their niches while those in the formal sector, the working hours have been reduced by the lockdown regulations therefore salaries have been cut,” said the student.

The students argued that since universities have resorted to online classes, some of the costs should have been reduced.

“Since last semester, we have been made to pay WIFI fee, lab fee and accommodation fee which we are clearly not going to use for this semester, our fees should have at least dropped by a significant amount.”

Contacted for a comment, Solusi University Vice-Chancellor Professor Ephraim Gwebu said the additional fee for International students has been adjusted in all universities by the government.

“Solusi University is chartered by the government, so the government tells us what to do for example Africa University in Mutare is also charging this additional US$150,” said Gwebu.

“Solusi University is not the only one charging that money.”

He added that there were many costs that the university factored in when processing applications for international students.

“There is a lot that is happening for those students when they come to learn here for example permits and immigration issues, we take care of all that.

“If a student gets sick, we take them to hospital, the fee covers that as well, so that is why the government is saying we should charge that,” said Gwebu.

He said the registration period has since been extended up to the end of September.

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