Nketa High $80K ‘fraud’ case in new twist

The case in which a Nketa High School headmistress and school bursar are alleged to have misappropriated over $80 000 in school funds has taken a new twist after members of the School Development Committee (SDC) who raised the red flag are now being accused of abusing the funds.

The headmistress Ms Siphathisiwe Ncube together with the school`s bursar, Mrs Nobuhle Ndlovu, allegedly connived and converted school funds amounting to $80 000 to their own use.

The pair allegedly transferred the funds from the school`s bank account to a personal account, before the matter came to light.

However, it has since emerged that the police have turned their attention to the SDC who are now being accused of misappropriating the funds.

On Wednesday, members of the SDC in the presence of their lawyer besieged Tshabalala Police Stattion to get clarity from the police on why they are now being investigated yet they were the ones who raised alarm on the alleged missing funds.

They want the case moved to the court.

“We came here to seek clarity from the police on why my clients are now the accused because there is no justifiable reason why they are now the accused,” said Maclean Mahaso, their legal representative.
“They then told us that they are basing their evidence on forensic audit report, which is surprising because they have conducted their own investigations as the police.”

The SDC chairperson, Bekithemba Mbambo accused the police of sabotaging the case in favor of the school head.

“We are the ones who discovered that the school head and the bursar are fraudsters but the police have decided that we are the suspects,” claimed Mbambo

“What is of concern also is that the police told us that as the SDC members we have a hand in the missing funds since the audits are approved by the committee.”

Meanwhile, Mthwakazi Republic Party Resident Association member, Njabulo Ngwenya alluded that the police should investigate the matter to avoid the arrest of innocent people.

“As residents we are surprised to see the people who reported the matter now being arrested,” said Ngwenya.

“The auditors have since discovered that there are missing funds that are not accounted for but I heard that the amount of the missing has been reduced.”

Some of the residents have threatened to demonstrate against the school head.

“We know that the headmistress misused the funds and I think she is now conniving with the police as she is no longer treated as a suspect,” said an irate Rachael Moyo.

“We are waiting for the pupils to finish writing their exams and after that we will definitely go to the school to ensure that Ms Ncube is relieved of her duties.

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