Nkayi villagers decry primary care nurses selection criteria

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has once again come under fire over the recruitment of health personnel after Nkayi villagers accused the ministry of discriminating locals in the recruitment of Primary Care Nursing (PCN) trainees.

The Ministry flighted an advert for a two-year PCN training for the September 2021 intake.

In the advert, MoHCC said only candidates who meet the recruitment criteria will be shortlisted for interviews.

“Accepted candidates will be deployed to where training posts exist throughout the country and upon having a full medical examination by a registered Government medical doctor,” the advert read.

The internal interviews were held on the 13th of September in Nkayi District and the external interviews were held on the 17th at Mpilo Hospital.

However, the villagers allege most of the locals who had applied were overlooked.

“There are people who applied for PCN training and they were called for interviews but no one was shortlisted. We heard that people coming from other areas such as Harare and Gwanda are the ones who got the places. As a community we are not impressed,” said the sources.

“This is corruption and it must stop.”

Contacted for a comment, Nkayi District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr. Thabani Moyo said he only knows four locals who were shortlisted.

“I am not aware of the list of the people who were selected but I also heard about the complaints saying that from the whole of Nkayi only four people were chosen, so that was the concern,” he said.

“I won’t be quick to respond because don’t know whether the people from Nkayi were not also deployed to other stations, since they are saying people are coming to this side from Harare maybe there are also people from Nkayi who went that side, I don’t know. We will wait for them to begin so that we will see how many were shortlisted from the total which had applied.”

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