New Cabinet Gets More Thumbs Up

Former Bulawayo legislator and economist Eddie Cross has commended President Emmerson Mnangagwa for picking a cabinet of made up of “young, energetic and trustworthy people” to help him realise his dream of turning Zimbabwe into a middle-income economy by 2030.

In an interview with CITE, Mr Cross said the young people roped into the cabinet will form a firm foundation for the future.

¨The new cabinet is not controlled by any political party,” remarked Cross.

“The president went out of his way to look for people he trusts. It is quite clear that the people who are in the cabinet are solely his personal appointment.

“It is entirely different from the one appointed after the coup. It is quite significant that he has cut down on the number of ministries hence making it possible to formulate policies more effectively”.

He added: “I´m glad the people he put into power are highly qualified and are internationally recognised. Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube is highly academically qualified. Such technocrats as Mangaliso Ndlovu have been put in charge of industry and commerce, they are young, energetic and are also christians which is a remarkable character.

“Kirsty Coventry might be new and without political background but that is a huge advantage. She has the ability to pull young people into sports and arts through her expertise. She is internationally known hence can lure more countries to work with Zimbabwe. There has been too much corruption in that ministry hence her appointment is a welcome ray of hope.¨

Meanwhile, Women Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) Public Relations Officer Mrs Brigdette Ndlovu told CITE that the appointment of women in key ministries is a welcome development.

¨Women continue to make significant strides in leadership. We hope they will be given enough space to execute their duties independent of the appointing authorities,” said Nldovu.

“The appointment of Kirsty Coventry and Sekesai Nzenza brings a new dimension to improved governance. Their independence from politics ensures impartiality in the performance of their government duties. We hope this is the beginning of the appointment of ministers through merit than patronage”.

Nldovu added that until gender equality is achieved as provided for in the constitution, there is still a long way to go.  

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