National Assembly members sworn in

The newly-elected Members of the National Assembly were sworn in at the New Parliament Building in Mt Hampden, Harare, on Thursday.

This will be followed by the election of a new speaker of parliament on Friday.

The 10th Parliament will be made up of Zanu PF and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members.

The ruling party won 176 seats in the National Assembly, while the CCC won 103 seats.

Zanu PF won 33 of the 60 proportional representation women’s seats and seven of the 10 youth seats, while the CCC won 27 of the women’s seats and three youth seats.

Zanu PF also has a majority in the Senate with 33 seats, while the CCC got 27 seats. Traditional leaders took 18 seats while two seats were reserved for representatives of people living with disabilities.

Despite discrediting the election outcome, CCC members took their oaths with the party defending their attendance.

“They have taken their place, we are going to be protecting our zones of autonomy and this has nothing to do with the dispute of the elections,” said party spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi. “The elections remain disputed and the processes of disputing those elections are ongoing.”

Mkwananzi also said that the CCC MPs had faced a glitch when they were briefly denied entry to the parliament building following the color of their ties.

“We just point to the intolerance of the ZANU-PF government, Mnangagwa in particular and the vindictiveness that we have seen on our supporters because they did not vote for him,” he said.

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