Mugabe no hero: Matemadanda

THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has named Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Mugabe as a last minute traitor and discredited him as a hero who fought in the liberation struggle.

Speaking at a press conference held in Harare, the ZNLWVA secretary general Victor Matemadanda, said due to Robert Mugabe’s collusion with MDC Alliance president, Nelson Chamisa, they will be presenting a petition tomorrow, for renaming of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport that will be submitted tomorrow to the relevant authorities.

“Tomorrow we are going to Harare International Airport-(not Robert Mugabe) to demand the removal of that name because Mugabe is a last minute traitor. We want names of our heroes not sellouts,” said Matemadanda.

He said Robert Mugabe formed an “unholy matrimony” with Chamisa who allegedly claimed leadership of the MDC over Dr Thokozani Khuphe resulting in the split within the party.

“ZANU-PF property was destroyed by MDC Alliance thugs who were sent by their president who forcefully took power from Dr Thokozani Khupe,” said Matemadanda.

The ZNLWVA secretary general condemned supporters of MDC for collaborating with Robert Mugabe despite assisting in his removal in last year’s November coup.

“MDC people were crying saying Mugabe was responsible for the disappearance of Itai Dzamara. We helped them remove Mugabe and now they are rallying for Mugabe. Isn’t that double standards?” said Matemadanda.

He pointed out the true MDC supporters should ensure Chamisa is gotten rid of and the political party returned back to its rightful owners.

Matemadanda also criticized Chamisa, Tendai Biti and Thabani Mpofu for going to America to call for sanctions. He said America was only using opposition parties to push their hegemony and not advocating for democracy.

“America chooses to support the losing opposition political parties to maintain their hegemony. America is not our enemy, the big brother mentality of America is not what we want. They have extended sanctions, killed us and supported those who were killing us,” he said.


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