Mugabe endorses Chamisa

FORMER Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe has endorsed MDC Alliance leader and presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa ahead of the country’s elections on 30 July.
The National Patriotic Front, formed with the blessings of Mugabe, in a solidarity message during an MDC Alliance demonstration in Harare on Tuesday announced that they would not field a presidential candidate but were rallying behind Chamisa.
Addressing a press conference on Friday, the NPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire said they had consulted Mugabe before endorsing Chamisa.
He also told journalists that they had formally entered into an alliance with the MDC Alliance.
“We said at the beginning that we are at liberty to go and consult him (Mugabe) on any issue and we consulted him, and he said he is happy with the alliance,” said Mawarire.
Mugabe was forced to resign in November 2017 after a military intervention code-named Operation Restore Legacy.

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