MRP to host All Stakeholders Convention and march in SA over Zim crisis

Mthwakazi Republic party (MRP) is preparing to host an all stakeholders convention and a march in South Africa over the continued violation of human rights in Zimbabwe in an effort to find a long term solution.

The convention and march will be held in Johannesburg on May 1, 2023, alongside other South African lobbying organisations such as African People First (APF), a political party that seeks African self-determination.

According to MRP National Spokesperson, Velile Moyo, both events have been officially cleared by the City Parks and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department including the South African Police Service who will also be in attendance for public security purposes

Moyo said the purpose behind the convention was to elevate the voice of suffering Zimbabweans so that they may be heard globally.

“The untold sufferings of the Mthwakazi people in the hands of black colonisers are very fundamental to this struggle to seek a voice and right to be heard by the International community so can find a lasting solution to this quagmire,” he said.

Moyo stated people in Zimbabwe, particularly those in Matabeleland have been “trampled on and grossly violated” by the political systems of a post-independence government.

“This led to an outright annihilation and subjugation of the nation under the administered genocide that claimed over 40 000 lives whose death and consequences have not been accounted for up to to this day by the government of Zimbabwe,” said the MRP spokesperson.

“Not only were people killed but millions of people are now displaced as a result of the genocide while others still live with the trauma and injuries and some are stateless to this day.”

The spokesperson noted that the gross violation of human rights continues to be escalated by the Zimbabwean government on people in Matabeleland.

“To date, we have over two million people of Mthwakazi extract living in South Africa alone. Many have made South Africa temporarily and permanently their home while others are undocumented,” Moyo said.

“Others are even tracing their roots back to South Africa to escape the tribalism and marginalisation they have endured in Zimbabwe.”

It was due to such hardships, Moyo said it was why the MRP saw fit to lobby the world about the crisis in Zimbabwe.

“It is therefore that as we escalate and lobby the world, starting in South Africa we join hands with organisations that are people-oriented and would love to help break the silences of the past to give birth to a new beginning,” he said.

“We, therefore, invite all Mthwakazi people to join hands with African People First in their mission to bring the Mthwakazi struggle to the political spectrum of South Africa and Africa at large.”

The MRP spokesperson said a united Africa must begin by dismantling the “fundamentals and residues of colonialism, which are now practiced by black-to-black colonialists.”

“Our challenges as Mthwakazi people are too much to ignore at this point,” Moyo summed.This is why we are bringing awareness about this day (May 1) to all Mthwakazi people to stand up in numbers and then to the whole of South Africa and the world. Pertinent to this event is a consciousness of our stay here in South Africa, awareness about our struggle, and a need to find a lasting solution.”

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