MRP leader blasts Obert Mpofu over Gukurahundi remarks

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) president, Mqondisi Moyo has blasted ZANU (PF) Secretary for Administration who doubles as Umguza Member of Parliament, Obert Mpofu following his remarks concerning Gukurahundi.

Moyo was furious over the former mines minister’s remarks he made during the burial of the late Chief Mabhikwa who died last week after succumbing to wounds he obtained during a horrific car accident involving his car and a haulage truck.

The vocal MRP leader labelled Mpofu a sellout who went against his own people to please his political leaders.  

“Mpofu’s statement at the burial of the late Chief Mabhikwa leaves a lot to be desired. He shamelessly complained that it was not necessary that people be reminded about the painful moments of Gukurahundi. He claimed people wanted progress and development.

He admitted that Gukurahundi is a painful experience, but expects people to be quiet about it. How can people be quiet when the pains of the experience persist? Surely this level of thinking by Mpofu is not only disturbing but also fatal,” Moyo said.

He added, “Mpofu is not the right person to even talk about development in Mthwakazi. He has no idea what development entails, to him development is looting and amassing personal wealth. He understands development as inviting Mashonaland people to come and grab resources in Mthwakazi.”

Gukurahundi is a brutal series which occurred in the early 1980s where an estimated 20 000 Ndebele civilians were brutally tortured, murdered and women raped by the North Korean trained Zimbabwe National Army’s 5th Brigade.   

President Emmerson Mnangagwa then Minister of State Security and his deputy Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who headed 1 Brigade in Bulawayo at the time are implicated in the massacres.

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