MRP activist granted bail

A Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) activist, Wisdom Mkhwananzi, who was arrested for accusing President Mnangagwa for killing his parents during the Gukurahundi atrocities has been granted $200 bail.

Mkhwananzi had appeared before Bulawayo Magistrate, Rachel Mukanga on Saturday and was remanded in custody to October 29.

He had been arrested on Friday after he testified at the August commission of inquiry hearing into the post-election violence that left six people dead in Harare on August 1.

He is accused of three charges.

The first charge is undermining the authority of the President as defined in section 33(1)(a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23, assault and lying under oath.

He unlawfully and intentionally supplied a false name to the enquiry commission identifying himself as Siphamandla Mafu, which is different from the name in his national identification document.

The bail conditions are that he continues to reside at his given address in Pumula South, report on Mondays at CID and not interfere with the state witness.

Mkhwananzi was arrested on Friday after he testified at the hearing.

Speaking on the sidelines of the court ruling, MRP President Mqondisi Moyp expressed mixed feelings on the ruling, saying he is happy that Mkhwananzi was granted bail although it was too expensive.

“He might have been given bail but the fee is unreasonable,” said Moyo.

“Those in Harare with severe crimes like kidnapping are only charged as less as $30, but here we are in Bulawayo, someone has to pay $200 for minor offences”.

Moyo revealed that the bail money was already available.

He said his release will give him an opportunity to seek medical attention as he was heavily assaulted during his arrest.

Moyo claims Mkhwanaznzi was assaulted by police on his arm.

“He was denied medical assistance. His arm has been swollen since Friday,” said Moyo.

MRP supporters who attended the court session danced in joy outside Tredgold Magistrates Court after the ruling.

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