MPs and Cllrs instructed stay in positions as CCC crisis deepens

The National Standing Committee of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has directed its party representatives in parliament and councils to continue carrying out their responsibilities, rejecting calls to resign in solidarity with Nelson Chamisa, who left the opposition party last week.

However, the party spokesperson, Promise Mkhwananzi, has sought to rubbish this directive claiming the opposition party had resolved that he takes over in “an acting capacity until the conduction of congress in due course.”

In a series of messages on Monday, Mkhwananzi also said people must disregard “bogus statements circulating purporting to effect changes on the leadership arrangements of the party,” probably referring to statements made by the National Standing Committee that seeks to return to its founding moment.

The National Standing Committee, which stated it was elected at the Gweru May 2019 Congress, said it held an extraordinary meeting on 29 January 2024 where it accepted Chamisa’s resignation and said it will lead the party going forward.

The meeting was said to be chaired by one of the party’s deputy leaders, Professor Welshman Ncube, and the committee received a report from the Secretary General, Charlton Hwende.

“The Citizens Coalition for Change National Standing Committee held an extraordinary meeting on Monday 29 January 2024 to finalise outstanding matters of the urgent meetings of the 24th and 28th January 2024,” read the statement.

The National Standing Committee said after receiving, considering and debating the Secretary General’s report, it resolved that the “resignation of Advocate Nelson Chamisa as President of the party is, with regret, accepted.”

“The National Standing Committee should lead the process of restoring democracy and democratic processes and practices in the party,” read the statement in part.

“The party in government should, with deliberate intent, be protected. Party representatives in Parliaments and Local Governments should be protected, given political direction and urged to continue discharging their responsibilities in Parliament, as well as Local Governments.”

The National Standing Committee urged its MPs and those serving in provincial councils to remain in their stations of deployment and collaborate with councils in fighting cholera.

“In particular, in view of the cholera problem ravaging the country, all deployees in local authorities under the control of our party urged to apply themselves fully and redouble efforts to contain the cholera pandemic,” said the National Standing Committee.

The committee also resolved it was important that CCC continues to reaffirm resolutions already adopted in general, and specifically that the party should return to legitimacy.

“This means all legitimate party structures as at the Gweru Congress of May 2019, and which were in place up to and including the 24th January 2022 when the National Standing Committee announced the rebranding of the party to CCC, that is, from branch to National Council are recognised. These structures should carry out their respective responsibilities,” read the statement.

The National Standing Committee said it shall meet again on 31 January 2024.

“The Communication Department is directed to convene a Press Conference for Wednesday 31 January 2024 at which the National Standing Committee shall jointly announce the outcomes of the urgent and extraordinary National Standing Committee meetings of the 24th, 28th and 29th January 2024,” said the committee.

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