Mpilo hospital explains patient treatment procedure

MPILO Central Hospital Acting Clinical Director Dr Xolani Ndlovu has dismissed as false claims that city hospitals are not attending to patients until they have been tested for Covid-19. 

Dr Ndlovu expressed concern over claims that Mpilo Hospital and United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) are requesting PCR test results for patients before attending to them. 

The government designated UBH as an isolation and treatment centre for mild Covid-19 cases while Mpilo will handle all the non-Covid ailments.

In an interview with CITE, the health professional explained that all patients are urged to seek medical attention as per the provision of the city zones and if one tests positive for the virus, they are then referred to the relevant facilities. 

“We are experiencing serious misinformation to the public regarding the types of patients seen at either Mpilo or UBH with false claims that either centre requires a PCR test before being attended to. This is false information. Patients suffering from non-covid illness are finding it difficult to access Healthcare at these 2 facilities, ” Dr Ndlovu said. 

“The only time a patient is sent directly to UBH is when that patient is already known to be COVID19 positive on PCR. We do not use RDT for diagnosis. All other patients are taken to either Mpilo or UBH using the normal city zoning.” 

Dr Ndlovu said each centre will conduct PCR and if positive, the patient will then be transferred to UBH. 

“Mpilo Central Hospital is currently setting up a unit for persons under investigation (PUI) where patients suspected of COVID19 will be admitted until the results are out,” he said. 

“There will also be a small isolation area where those who test positive while in the hospital will be placed while transfer to UBH, Ekusileni or Thorngrove is arranged.”

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