Mlambos Express Band in ‘lockdown’ release with Obadiah Matulana

By Paul Mzizi

South Africa based rhumba outfit, Mlambos Express Band have released a Covid-19 song entitled “lockdown” featuring Obadiah Matulana.

The track was released at the end of June.

Mlambos Express Band said in a statement that they were elated to work with the veteran Matulana on the song after the later got stuck in Johannesburg following the imposition of travel restrictions as the virus raged in April.

“It has been a great opportunity to work with Matulana”, said the group. “It is a song of hope that we have come up with”.

Matulana, on the other hand said he had waited for a long while to work with Mlambos Express Band.

“Lockdown will indeed restore hope to hundreds of our fans who could be losing hope due to the corona virus pandemic,” he said.

Mlambos Express Band are well known for their long playing dance songs and they have stated that “lockdown” would not be any different.

Band manager, Thabani Ndlovu said plans were underway to make the album available in as many countries as possible.

“It will also be available on most digital platforms online”, he said.

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