Meli Ndlovu to cycle from Joburg to Byo

Zimbabwean professional cyclist, Meli Ndlovu, is set to leave Johannesburg in South Africa on Sunday to embark on yet another 860 km ardous trip to Bulawayo.

Ndlovu who has dreams of competing in the Tour De France embarked on a similar journey last year and this time around he will be joined by five other cyclists.

“We are leaving on Sunday at 6am from the BP garage in Midrand. We are inviting those that want to come bid us farewell and to take pictures to come through,” said Ndlovu.

This year Ndlovu has partnered with Dingani Publishers to educate schools on the use of ordinary level study packs.

He said they will be issuing regular updates along the journey until they reach their destination.

Last year, Ndlovu who rode solo faced a number of challenges along the way including tyre punctures and tough weather conditions.

South Africa has been experiencing heavy rainfall which has caused flooding in some areas and Ndlovu and his team have to brace themselves for a tough trip.

Those who wish to follow their journey can follow Ndlovu’s Facebook page, Meli Ndlovu The Cyclist.

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