Meet everyone otherwise we’re wasting time – Maimane tells ANC delegation

South African politician, Mmusi Maimane, has urged the visiting African National Congress (ANC) delegation to meet with all the key stakeholders in Zimbabwe otherwise their mission in the troubled Southern African nation would be a waste of time.

A high-powered ANC delegation led by Secretary General, Ace Magashule, arrived in the country Tuesday evening to discuss Zimbabwe’s crisis but it seems unlikely they would meet other stakeholders besides the ruling Zanu-PF party.

Zanu-PF, through a statement from acting Secretary for Information and Publicity, Patrick Chinamasa, said the ANC delegation would not meet the opposition or civil society.

“Following inquiries from various quarters and our friends from the media in particular on the purpose of this meeting, Zanu-PF wishes to make it categorically clear that this is a meeting between Zanu-PF and the ANC delegation only,” the statement read.

This is despite President Cyril Ramaphosa having told the South African media that his envoys should have the opportunity of meeting other stakeholders in Zimbabwe.

At their arrival in Harare last night, Magashule, also told local journalists they had come to Zimbabwe to meet Zanu-PF but added that many others also wanted to meet them before whisked away by Zanu-PF chairperson Oppah Muchinguri- Kashiri and several senior party officials.

After learning that the ANC might not meet other stakeholders including the opposition in Zimbabwe, Maimane said the mission could be a waste of time.

“The ANC delegation must meet with all the key stakeholders in Zimbabwe otherwise we are wasting time. They must meet the MDC Alliance, they must meet the key civil society groups, they must meet with journalists who have been victimised by Zanu-PF,” he said on his twitter account.

The former leader of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance, indicated the ANC delegation should not be cowered by Zanu-PF, insisting the Zimbabwean crisis should be heard.

“If Zanu-PF doesn’t like that, it’s not like that’s the end of the story. This matter can still and rightfully should still be considered officially by the African Union and even the UN Security Council. The atmosphere of fear and repression must be broken forever,” Maimane said.

Meanwhile, ZAPU has warned Zimbabweans not to entertain any hopes of salvation from South Africa maintaining only regional and international bodies could rein in Zanu-PF.

“Forget the current efforts by Ramaphosa, whose relationship with Mnangagwa is undesirably questionable, under current conditions. The only answer short of resorting to the undesirable is to bring in the international community to starve the oxygen of survival from reaching Zanu-PF.  SADC, the African Union and the United Nations need now to wake up and take up their places in as far as Zimbabwe is concerned,” said ZAPU spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa.

He concurred with Maimane that the ANC’s intervention could be a waste of time for Zimbabweans who are desperate for a sound solution.

Maphosa said ZAPU fully embraced outside engagement but accused Zanu-PF of blocking lasting peace solutions for the country.

“Outside engagement as conceived so far as an idea is a noble form of intervention. However, the terrain in today’s highly polarised and partisan Zimbabwe would never allow it to blossom. It is a concept and practice which bases on truthfulness and honesty to the reality currently unfolding.”

He added: “However, Zanu-PF whose idea of governing is amassing and concentrating power and control to itself, would never allow that. For it (Zanu-PF) there can only be one centre of power. However intense the intervention so long as power isn’t wrenched from them that situation would never change.”

Matabeleland based political parties such as the Mthwakazi Republic Party and pressure groups had expressed eagerness to air their views on issues affecting the region to the ANC delegation.

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