Mazwi villagers fret over poor roads

Mazwi Villagers in Ward 17 have expressed dismay over the poor state of roads in the area which has seen public transport operators hiking fares.

Commuter operators charge $1 from the city centre to Pumula and an extra $2 from Pumula to Mazwi, a distance of seven kilometres.

Josephine Moyo, a villager, said the transport fare was too for most of the villagers.

Another villager, Mr Wilson Ngwenya said the local authority, Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has done a little to construct proper roads for the village.

He noted that last year council had said there were funds for a 20 kilometre road to connect them to neighbouring villages like Robert Sinyoka, St Peter and Methodist but up to date nothing has been done.

Ngwenya said the rainy season has worsened the state of roads as the potholes have turned into pools.

Sharon Ngwenya, an Early Childhood Development teacher at the school village stressed that the poor state of roads is a danger to school pupils who have to cross roads which do not have bridges.

“We are in the rainy season but there are no bridges. This is a danger to school kids who have to cross the flooded rivers. Parents then have to go and wait for them so we can help them cross the rivers,” she highlighted.

Villagers also highlighted that teachers desert local schools because of the high transport cost.

“There are classes which can spend a term without a teacher. Parents would have paid school. May the education department at Council look at the issue,” said one resident.

Contacted for comment, Councillor Sikhululekile Moyo said the municipality is working on the road.

“Council resolved that by end of April, the road will be complete. The road is now 4,7 kilometres from Pumula but due to the fuel crisis, the project is now dragging,” said Moyo

“I will be meeting with the villagers next week Monday to discuss all these issues”.

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